We've built relationships with hundreds of brokers around the nation and assisted in moving tons of freight.

Our journey

CHI Logistics was established in 2014 as we recognized a growing need in the industry for individualized, reliable and modern transportation practices. We are a family owned company, so we tend to grow family values inside the company too. We started with just a few trucks and grew up to 100 trucks. And We are still growing!

Five employees in wihte t-shirts standing in front of TV with CHI Logistics Inc logo
  • Wold icon States 48
  • Truck icon Active drivers 95
  • Employees icon Office Employees 50
  • Parking map pin logo Parking lot 150,000sf
  • Five employees in wihte t-shirts standing in front of TV with CHI Logistics Inc logo

    Our story

    We know the stories of unsatisfied drivers switching from company to company, so we decided to change that business model. Our team got together and recognized the needs of hard-working drivers, steady loads, higher rates, a reliable paycheck and to be treated as we would family. That is why we built the foundation of our business on the people that work here. Our family owned and operated company set a goal to focus on our employees, and since then our company grew.


    Our mission is to always recognize the needs of our clients and have quality answers to those needs and requests. We are keeping our expertise level high and make sure you have advantages utilizing our diverse services. Our practice is being trustworthy and accountable partners.


    We strive to be reliable partners to our clients and maximum support to our committed drivers. We are creating a healthy and productive environment and working as a team in every field! Treating our employees with trust, as part of our big family is what we do and tend to maintain. We value personal and professional growth and we are committed to creating a space where you can do both!

    Our values


    Success comes from dedication and commitment. It helps us stay strong and oriented towards our goals.

    Personal Growth

    Supporting each other in growth and tendency for personal growth showed to be one of the values that affects all areas of our lives. It begins with a more positive mindset and openness for a change.


    The greatest value is our people. As a team we grow and accomplish together.


    We value strong relationships and we think they are spiced up with trustworthiness. We want a team that can rely and trust each other!


    Consistent at accomplishing our goals, we tend to set an example and nurture stability as value in our day to day challenges.