Driver Programs

Why drive with us?

We offer the opportunity to grow with a number of different programs that can assist drivers in becoming independent.

CHI drivers are compensated through competitive pay, bonuses and benefits.

Our family-owned business is rooted in family values.

We treat our employees like our own family and take care of them well.

Company drivers

As a very important link in the chain our company drivers are offered great working conditions. Since your work time is not from 9 to 5 and the truck you drive is both your office and your home, CHI is offering good rates accompanied with 24h support in case you need any kind of assistance. Want to grow? Not a problem! A lot of our company drivers became owner operators and are still running under the CHI logo.

SOLO $0.50 START, 3000 + miles guaranteed
TEAM $0.60 START, 5000 + miles guaranteed
Escrow: 200 x 10 weeks

Owner operators

Many of our facility supervisors and managers started out as drivers. At Chi logistics, we’re going far. We want to take you along with us on the journey. We work hard to produce new, simpler ways for drivers to buy equipment and become independent. We network with brokers daily to be able to bring more loads at higher rates.

Lease week to week / Lease Purchase
Weekly payment for the truck: $700-$1.000 (Trucks 2019-2023)
85% Gross for driver

SOLO Drivers over $7,000.00 Weekly Gross / 3.000 miles
TEAM Drivers over $12,000.00 Weekly Gross / 5.000 miles


At CHI We tend to help new drivers build up their driving experience and eventually become solo company drivers. That way they continue their professional improvement until establishing themselves as owner operators. Our experienced drivers run teams with fresh CDL drivers and pass on the knowledge and the experience from trucking up until the moment when the "new guy" becomes fully independent in the truck and can drive on his own.

Training program for new drivers
1st month $750/week
2nd month $1000/week
3rd month 1250/week
After training, you will have a chance to drive with us like a solo driver

Lease to Own

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Lease Week by Week

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